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Sales 2.0 with PAXLY

Use your strengths as a supplier

PAXLY is your extended (digital) sales arm.

Through the interplay of packaging and industry expertise, data depth and A. I., PAXLY forms the interface between suppliers and companies that purchase packaging.

We know the respective requirements of packaging buyers and suppliers. Thanks to a detailed matching process, suppliers are only assigned requests that match your requirements.This gives you new business without having to carry out your own marketing and sales activities.

Register today - and take advantage of unimagined opportunities.

New sales channel

You reach 3x more inquiries than your new customer sales department


You receive qualified feedback as to why offers were not accepted

Qualified inquiries

You will only receive requests that suit you

Relieve office staff

Standardized quotation process. Confusing Excel tables are a thing of the past.


Find the right plan for your needs.

Acquire qualified new customers - in 3 small steps

  • Register as a supplier
  • Record data
  • Receive requests

Standard price

29 € Monthly