Packaging optimization - PAXLY


Individual Optimization of individual packaging

Adapting the item to the maximum pallet height of the location is a tried and tested method. Within the cluster, it is recommended to slightly adjust the paper types and grammages to ensure optimal qualities for the specific requirements. Another best practice is to change the print to achieve visual changes. It is recommended to use cheaper constructions and optimization can be done by block ordering within the tender.

How does it work?

Data-driven packaging optimization

Rely on our in-depth data-driven analysis for precise packaging optimization with AI. Maximum efficiency and comprehensible results are the focus of our service.

Flexible implementation according to your needs:

Decide for yourself which potential you want to realize. Our service offers the freedom to take individual needs into account and to design packaging optimizations in a 5-stage model according to your priorities.

Neutral and independent assessment of potential:

Our packaging optimization is not based on the limitations that your existing manufacturer may have. We provide you with a neutral and independent assessment, which in the past may have been limited by the interests of your partners.

Valuing savings in euros:

With a view to your current purchase prices, we analyze potential savings in euros. Gain clear financial insights and focus on a cost reduction that has a direct impact on your balance sheet.


Example of optimization

Cluster optimization

  • Optimization of paper types and
    flute types

    qualities, 25% cost savings

  • Optimization of the

    Construction, 10% cost saving