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SellerX success story

SellerX is a Berlin-based, high-growth eCommerce company that aims to consolidate the most successful Amazon sellers, acquire them to scale their business and turn their brands into global household names. SellerX was founded in 2020 and has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce aggregators in the European market. Today, the company manages more than 50 e-commerce brands.SellerX has an ambitious goal: to become a leading global acquirer and operator of a new generation of e-commerce businesses.

Challanges & initial situation

We have up to 100,000 shipments per week in our D2C business, where we carry out the shipping to the end customers from Warehouse Europe independently. We currently use around 15 different cardboard boxes, 3 different bubble bags and 2 different plastic bags for shipping.

The expectations & goals of the collaboration

Optimize the tendering process in the large field of packaging material suppliers and achieve the best possible prices for the packaging materials used

The results - what did it achieve?

Reduction of purchase prices by approx. 20% compared to the cardboard packaging previously used. Fast and efficient tendering process.

Project information

  • Customer SellerX
  • Date Q1/2023
  • Address SellerX Jägerstrasse 41 10117 Berlin

We are very pleased that the purchase prices have been significantly reduced