DEVELON - PAXLY success story
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Success story DEVELON

DEVELON (formerly Doosan Construction Equipment) has a tradition of manufacturing construction equipment that began in 1937 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction, quarrying and mining equipment. The company offers a wide range of products, including crawler and wheeled excavators (up to 100 tons), wheel loaders (for capacities up to 6.4 m3) and articulated dump trucks (with maximum payloads up to 41 tons).

"By working together with PAXLY, it was possible for us to quickly and in a structured way to capture the topic of cardboard packaging. The simple sample and quotation process enabled us to identify a large number of suppliers that met our requirements in a time-saving manner. Together with PAXLY, we were able to identify the ideal partner that we would probably not have found otherwise. The PAXLY platform not only enabled us to significantly reduce our expenditure, but also provided us with greater transparency in terms of stocks, consumption and market events."

Challanges & initial situation

Before working with PAXLY, there was a lack of focus on cardboard packaging, an overview of consumption, stocks and market comparisons.

The cooperation brought new focus and process improvements. We found suitable suppliers through the online process, PAXLY helped us find partners and enabled us to reduce expenditure with transparent market analysis.

Project information

  • Customer Doosan Infracore Deutschland GmbH
  • Date Q1/2023
  • Address Doosan Infracore Deutschland GmbH Polarisstrasse 4 06116 Halle (Saale)

Aim of the collaboration

Our aim with PAXLY: to create an overview of stocks, consumption and orders, to delve deeper into cardboard packaging without losing time.Online sample process achieved suitable suppliers and market-driven prices. Joint work identified ideal partner.Market analysis reduced expenditure and increased transparency.

THE RESULTS - What did it achieve?

Thanks to PAXLY: transparency about prices, stocks and market developments. Cost savings of 30% without compromising on quality. Reduced time required for order processing thanks to efficient online process. More flexibility for market events.Results: Considerable transparency, cost savings, time optimization and strengthened position on our part.

Together with PAXLY, we were able to find the ideal partner