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Success story Burda

Burda Procurement GmbH is the internal procurement service provider for Hubert Burda Media and its affiliated companies. With its locations in Munich and Offenburg, Burda Procurement is responsible for the strategic and operational procurement of products and services throughout the Group.People and the areas of life that are important to them are at the center of all Burda's entrepreneurial activities. With more than 600 printed and digital consumer media such as Focus, Bunte, Instyle and Chip, Burda is one of the largest media companies in Germany.In 2021, Burda generated total sales of around 2.9 billion euros. The company is active in 18 markets, primarily in Germany, the UK, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Challanges & initial situation

We, as Burda Procurement GmbH, have no expert knowledge in the packaging material product group. In recent years, we have carried out regular tenders, but these were not standardized and without a complete overview of the supplier market.

Project information

  • Customer Burda Procurement GmbH
  • Date Q1/2023
  • Address Burda Procurement GmbHArabellastrasse 2381925 Munich

Aim of the collaboration

By working with PAXLY, we hoped to significantly reduce our own costs, standardize our purchasing contracts and optimize our purchasing conditions.

THE RESULTS - What did it achieve?

We were able to achieve our goals. A real "aha" moment for us: despite regular tenders, we were able to reduce prices by 20-30% together with PAXLY. This would only have been possible, if at all, with a considerable investment in supplier market research and optimized requirement specifications. However, due to our spend in this product group, this would not have been worthwhile.

A real "aha" moment for us